The Dame








Dame Enda Average
Priscilla the desert queen has been called away to grace the London stage. Fortunately, the mega star from Monee Ponds has arrived to strut her stuff. You will need all of your power and skill to Dance the Dame! We think she wont get too exhasted.
Dame Enda is the pride of our range and you would think that it is easy to hit a bus, but think again. She is only 215 metres away but you will have to be able to carry every bit of the 215 metres and that’s more difficult than you think. Although we use the best quality range balls they don’t fly as far as a normal golf ball, in fact you will find that you will hit a normal golf ball up to 15% further than the range balls. So if you can take up the challenge of making the Dame dance you will be really hitting some good distances on the golf course.